Are Granite Countertops Worth It? Customers of Granite Artisans in Cleveland, Ohio Say Yes!

Most people agree that granite countertops are beautiful. The unique blends of natural hues that course through the stone can be breathtaking. But you can split a room by asking the question – are granite countertops worth it? Granted home improvement pros and real estate gurus list adding the savvy stone among ways to add value to your home. That doesn’t always cut it for homeowners in Lakewood, Ohio or those building condos in Tremont, Ohio. So today, we’re taking the question head on with the help of the experts from Granite Artisans. Their store is one of the best places to buy granite countertops in Cleveland, Ohio. And where you buy your countertops has a lot to do with their worth.

Did that last sentence crinkle your brow? Good! Because where you decide to buy granite countertops affects whether your investment begins underwater or on an even keel. You see, granite countertops can cost as little as $25 per square foot and as much as $125 per square foot – or more. The cost is based on how rare your desired slice of stone is. Shopping on the lower end increases your chances of having your neighbor’s countertops whereas higher end selections are more likely to be unique to your home.

Should the cost of your countertops be inflated, however, the extra mark up can lessen the value of your home improvement investment. Why are referring to countertops as an investment? Well, for two reasons. First, because granite countertops are not cheap. And second, because the home improvement pros and real estate gurus we mentioned earlier are correct. Adding granite countertops is one of a few surefire ways to add value to your home.

But let’s be fair. Unless you’re looking to sell your home or ace an appraisal prior to accessing your equity, adding value to your home doesn’t do much for you today. That’s why it’s important to consider all of the benefits when debating the can-be divisive question – are granite countertops worth it?

Benefits of Granite Countertops

  • Durability that shuns scratches, rings, and chips allows granite countertops to last a lifetime.
  • Seasonal or permanent redecorating is made easy per the multiple colors in granite countertops.
  • Cost to be recouped in home value can range from 20 percent to 30 percent of your purchase price.
  • Granite countertops contribute to appeal and décor by adding stately elegance.

The experts at Granite Artisans point out that depending on where your home is located, not having granite countertops could cost you. In an established area like Lakewood or a trendy, burgeoning part of Cleveland like Tremont, granite countertops can be expected. And even if you’re not having an open house this Saturday, every home has a sale date in its future. So, are granite countertops worth it? Yes! And if you want stately elegant appeal upfront and value from here on, pass on overpriced places to buy granite countertops and go to Granite Artisans!

For directions or store hours call 216.881.6601. To see the impressive selection of surefire ways to add value to your home, stop by the store today. Its location is convenient whether you live in Lakewood, Ohio; Tremont, Ohio; or a neighboring area. And per its prices and expert installation services, it leads among places to buy granite countertops. So, the next time someone asks are granite countertops worth it, tell them they definitely are when you shop at Granite Artisans!

Granite Artisans
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