Avert the Invisible Killer with Carbon Monoxide Safety Tips from BTU Comfort Solutions in Parma, Ohio

btucomfort_logoPreparing for winter commonly includes heating system inspections and chimney cleaning. But people who burn fuel or wood for warmth tend to skip important safety steps. Many omit carbon monoxide safety checks, and inadvertently invite the gas that’s known as the invisible killer into their homes. In fact, nearly 200 people die from carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning in the US each year. And this statistic can be diminished by a poisonous gas detector. So, if you don’t have this lifesaving device in your home near Cleveland, Ohio or Lakewood, Ohio, today is the day to call BTU Comfort Solutions in Parma, Ohio.

Whoever dubbed carbon monoxide the invisible killer must have been seeking shock value. The nickname is rather unnerving, but rightfully so when you think about. After all, the poisonous gas is toxic and deadly. It’s also mistakenly reserved for garages more often than not. And these facts make increasing awareness important and necessary by any means necessary.

BTU Comfort Solutions - Angie's ListPerhaps TV and movie scenes depicting a running car causing a garage to fill with thick white smoke are somewhat responsible for carbon monoxide misconceptions. Think of the 80s classic Office Space for a quick visual. But that is less than correct at best. By that we mean, yes internal combustion engines like those that power automobiles, portable generators, lawn mowers, and power washers do produce CO. Yet, the appropriately creepy title of invisible killer properly infers that victims of CO won’t see it coming.

This is especially true for families in places like Cleveland and Lakewood who sleep with fuel burning heat sources silently warming their homes. That’s because the incomplete burning of a number of fuels produces carbon monoxide that kills far more often than cars running in garages. Coal, wood, charcoal, oil, kerosene, propane, and natural gas are all on the list. And if you use any to any extent, it is imperative that you perform carbon monoxide safety checks on a regular basis.

BTU Comfort Solutions - First EnergyIt’s not exactly easy to ensure that your fuel burns completely. So the home safety team at BTU Comfort Solutions in Parma recommends two things everyone can do. The first is to make sure your home is properly ventilated with clean air filters and a working attic fan is applicable. The second is to have a poisonous gas detector installed in more than one room of your house.

Each room with a working fireplace should definitely have one. And it’s also wise to install an additional poisonous gas detector in the hallway that leads to your bedrooms. Owners of homes with multiple stories should replicate these tips on each floor. From there, perform monthly battery and alarm checks, and consider your carbon monoxide safety measures complete.

BTU Comfort Solutions - Work VanFor more information on carbon monoxide safety, visit www.btucomfortsolutions.com or call 440.398.9415. If you know your home near Cleveland, Ohio or Lakewood, Ohio is short so much as one poisonous gas detector, call the home safety team today! The invisible killer does loom all year, but it is more prevalent in winter. So, before you start burning fuel or firewood make sure your family is protected.

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