Avoid Foundation Damage with a Call to LeafFilter™ Gutter Protection in Detroit, Michigan

leaffilter_logoishYou might not know it, but the integrity of your roof and gutter system can pose serious risks to your entire home. That’s right, something as simple as clogged gutters can cause major foundation damage and endanger your home, belongings and most importantly, your family’s health. Anything and everything from that new pool table in your basement to those perfect spring flowers or your ability to breathe clean, mold-free air is jeopardized. And all of these perils can be avoided with a call to LeafFilter™ Gutter Protection. The company has the #1 rated gutter guards in the nation. Its Detroit, Michigan office serves Ann Arbor, Michigan; Flint, Michigan; Troy, Michigan; and surrounding areas.

Clogged gutters can be the source of many annoying and costly problems. A gutter system that doesn’t get regular cleaning or maintenance can quickly cause foundation damage and turn a home into a reconstruction project. Before looking at solutions to prevent gutter backup, it’s important to understand the serious destruction that’s possible.

Leaf Filter Gutter Protection_Gutter DebrisWhen water accumulates around your home, the foundation is put at risk. The possibility of erosion damage gets real when clogged gutters mishandle the flow of rain water. Erosion weakens your home by slowly removing layer by layer of foundation until it cracks and leaks. And if you think erosion doesn’t have the muscle to do major damage, consider how the Grand Canyon was created. It’s obviously an extreme example, but erosion is that powerful.

Once the foundation is eroded beyond the point of no return, it cracks. These types of cracks are serious and can endanger your home with the possibility of caving in.

A major cave-in is the worst possible scenario, but minor damage is also probable. Leaks, flooding and mold are a direct result of foundation cracks. When the foundation leaks, groundwater and excess water are able to seep in and flood the basement. If a basement floods, carpet, rugs, furniture, electronics and other property can be ruined.

Leaf Filter Gutter Protection_Types of Gutter GuardsAs the foundation leaks and allows water to damage the structural integrity of the home, mold becomes a serious possibility. Mold can grow within walls, carpet, flooring and personal property once water leaks into the house, basement and foundation. When mold infiltrates your home the health of your family is put at serious risk, which becomes the greatest concern when discussing clogged gutters and foundation damage.

Exposure to mold can negatively affect your family’s ability to breathe clean air, can cause allergic reactions, or even severe pulmonary conditions no matter where live. Cleaning and removing the mold can also be very expensive and time consuming. But nothing is more important than the health of you and your loved ones, and the life you’re building in Detroit, Ann Arbor, Flint or Troy.

Leaf Filter Gutter Protection_Spring SavingsFoundation damage can also create the irreversible issue of a voided foundation warranty. Most contain language that directly mentions keeping gutters clean to properly divert water away from your home. A foundation warranty may not cover serious foundation damage or could only be guaranteed to last for a specific amount of time. It becomes important to ensure the overall integrity of the foundation before the warranty expires or gets voided by gutter backup. And if you need an inspection by the original builder or a claims adjuster, they’ll quickly link cracks to gutter system failure caused by debris.

One of the best things to do as a homeowner is to have a gutter guard system installed that allows water to properly flow into the gutters while keeping debris out. A great way to protect gutters from clogging is with a professionally installed LeafFilter™ gutter guard system. LeafFilter™’s design features a surgical-grade, stainless steel micromesh gutter protection system.  The openings within the stainless steel micromesh are specifically sized so that only water is channeled into the gutter system. No holes, gaps or openings ensures that nothing but water will get into a LeafFilter™ protected gutter.

Leaf Filter Gutter Protection Detroit_Foundation DamageLeafFilter’s gutter protection system will prevent the headache of roof, structural and foundation damage. If you’re worried about these damages that clogged gutters can cause, let LeafFilter™ help protect your home. LeafFilter™ has installed over 15 million feet of gutter protection on homes across the nation including Detroit, Michigan; Ann Arbor, Michigan; Flint, Michigan; Troy, Michigan; and a host of other cities. Its installation team can clean your gutter system before installing a protection system. For more information about LeafFilter™ gutter guards visit www.leaffilter.com or call 800.290.6106.

LeafFilter™ Gutter Protection

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