Be Safe & Efficient with Electrical Upgrades by the Experienced Electricians at DJF Electric in Parma, Ohio

djfelectric_logoishProperty owners throughout Cuyahoga County are focused on energy efficiency. Some in Lakewood, Ohio are evaluating insulation while others in Mentor, Ohio are considering new windows. But all with outdated electrical systems are overlooking the obvious. Replacing an antiquated fuse box with a new electrical panel and modern circuit breakers, for example, makes an impact that home improvement products can’t match. And the experienced electricians at DJF Electric in Parma, Ohio can identify and provide the right electricity upgrade for you.

DJF Electric_Electrical WiringIf you’re wondering what we mean by identify, know that electrical systems vary as much as the homes and offices they power. They can also serve as timestamps since electrical systems are often comprised of products that were popular or perhaps even cutting edge when a building was constructed. That means the older home in Mentor that won you over with charm could be well overdue for an electricity upgrade. And so could your family business in Lakewood that has existed for decades.

Before you mistakenly assume that older equals antique and wiring that’s two or three decades old is fine, consider this: aluminum wiring was hot in 1960s and 1970s, and electrical panels now known to be unsafe were commonly installed in the 1980s. The word hot may be used as a flattering adjective today. But its connection to aluminum wiring stems from a history of house fires. In fact, aluminum wiring caused so many house fires, its use for receptacles and switches ended by 1980. And this is when the widespread use of problematic Federal Pacific and Zinsco electrical panels began.

DJF Electric_Household WiringYou can tell whether you have either maker’s electrical panel with one look at your circuit breakers. Federal Pacific breakers have bright orange tips, and Zinsco panels have multi-colored breakers in a single, horizontal row. We encourage you take a look at your set up today. If you see the mark of Federal Pacific or a line that leads to Zinsco, call DJF Electric for a new electrical panel and modern circuit breakers immediately! Reason being, these brands have poor reputations at best. And the products are suspected of sparking fires by overheating or failing to trip when overloaded.

Granted the experienced electricians at DJF Electric are best qualified to advise you of your need for an electricity upgrade. We can confirm that a new electrical panel with modern circuit breakers greatly improves safety and has a similar effect on efficiency. The electrical systems that the experienced electricians in Parma provide and install feature products of innovation much like the things that keep you plugged in. Which, by the way, raises another relevant point as your existing wiring and power source may not be suited to support your innumerous devices.

DJF Electric_Rewiring a HouseThat thought alone is reason to find out whether you need an electricity upgrade. Combine it with the other facts, and calling the experienced electricians at DJF Electric probably takes precedence over window shopping. They’re skilled in assessing, improving, and replacing electrical systems for residential and commercial properties. And they can let you know if the wires and components powering your home in Lakewood, Ohio or your office in Mentor, Ohio are reliable or risky. They can also provide you with an estimate for a new electrical panel, modern circuit breakers, and rewiring if needed. For more information, visit and call 440.669.2952 to request an inspection.

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