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Even the strongest of trees can be snapped by severe weather. This fact highlights the increased danger posed by damaged trees. Be they ravaged by winter, ruined by insects, or dwindling away from disease, damaged trees are best removed. And Hollinger Tree Service of Canton, Ohio is the tree maintenance company to call for safe, affordable, and speedy tree removal. The company provides a complete list of professional tree services to residents and business owners in Stark County, Ohio and neighboring parts of Northeast Ohio. Stump grinding and land clearing included.

Just as a damaged tree on any portion of your property is a threat, healthy trees growing too close to your home or business present a range of problems as well. Heavy limbs and large branches growing near your exterior walls or over your roof can lead to leaks in each area – not to mention broken windows. And overgrowth doesn’t need severe weather to prompt any of the many problematic possibilities it presents.

By simply touching your dwelling or building, tree overgrowth can cause accelerated wear and tear on siding and shingles. That’s why it’s important to have periodic trimming and pruning performed. These services are among the professional tree services that the team at your local tree maintenance company provides. Combine them with other preventative and emergency services, and your residence or place of business can be protected from unwanted damage.

Hollinger Tree Service Areas of Expertise

Tree Trimming & Pruning

Standing Tree Removal

Fallen Tree Removal

Stump Grinding

ROW Clearing

Land Clearing

Emergency services like fallen tree removal can make a difference you might not expect. By that we mean, should a tree fall from someone else’s property and onto yours, its removal will be your responsibility. This holds true whether you live in Stark County or elsewhere in Northeast Ohio. And with a call to Hollinger Tree Service in Canton, you can receive prompt, affordable removal. You can also receive documentation you may need for your insurance company should the fallen tree damage your home or car.

Many acts of nature can lead to problems for you. And a call to Hollinger Tree Service at 330.268.2989 can yield ideal solutions. Just keep in mind that the professional tree services this tree maintenance company provides are not reserved for emergencies. Each is available as a standalone benefit or in conjunction with land clearing and anything else you need. So have a look about your property in Stark County, Ohio or a neighboring county in Northeast Ohio today. And if you see a problem or one in the making, call Hollinger Tree Service now.

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