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Allied Piping Systems_LogoThere are a variety of reasons why homeowners in the Akron, Ohio area might require the assistance of a trustworthy plumbing contractor. Perhaps you are a homeowner from Barberton, Ohio or Wadsworth, Ohio who, with the increase of rain over the past few months, has been experiencing some unwanted wetness in your home’s basement. Perhaps your Copley, Ohio home currently has hard water, and you’d like to fix that. Whatever the case may be, you can rely on the plumbing services of Allied Piping Systems LLC. Their skilled tradesmen can help you remedy basement wetness, as well as talk with you about water softening and treatment options that are right for your home.

Allied Piping Systems_RainingIn terms of looking to remedy basement wetness in your Wadsworth or Barberton home, there are a couple of things to consider before jumping to conclusions about the cause. Unfortunately, there are many homeowners who assume that they need to quickly re-waterproof their basement in order to correct the problem, which can cost upwards of $8000. As the skilled tradesmen of Allied Piping Systems LLC have seen time and time again, the most common cause of unwanted moisture in your basement is due to a clogged or collapsed downspout drain line that leads away from your home. Because the water cannot flow away effectively, it will pool near the foundation of your basement, causing that unwanted wetness to accumulate. By calling for their plumbing services, you can save yourself thousands of dollars, while making sure your basement is cured of troublesome moisture.

Allied Piping Systems_Hard Water FaucetIn addition to remedying basement wetness, this Akron based plumbing contractor can assist you with water softening and treatment in your Copley home. It’s not uncommon for a water softener to stop working properly over time, nor is it uncommon for some homeowners to be unsure of whether they require additional water treatment options. The associates of Allied Piping Systems LLC are very knowledgeable when it comes to treating and softening water. Whether your water softener requires maintenance, or you need a trained professional to help you decide whether it is time to replace a water softener, their technicians can advise you on how to best proceed with water treatment and addressing hard water problems.

Allied Piping Systems_Logo with NumberIf you would like to find out more about all of the plumbing services that Allied Piping Systems LLC offers to those in the surrounding areas of Wadsworth, Ohio; Barberton, Ohio; or Copley, Ohio, you can visit their company website at To speak to someone directly about water softening and treatment, or to make an appointment to have one of their skilled tradesmen visit your home to speak to you about how you can remedy basement wetness, you can reach this plumbing contractor by calling 330.645.0000, or by sending an email to

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