Call the Local Tree Trimmers at Hollinger Tree Service for Affordable Tree Trimming in Stark County, Ohio

Better safe than sorry. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. These old adages often serve as great advice – especially for people with large trees on their property. Buckeyes in Canton, Ohio can top 50 feet just as Cottonwoods in North Canton, Ohio can cross 100 feet, and various Magnolias in Massillon, Ohio can range from 80- to 130-feet-tall. These magnificent giants can bring both beauty and risk to your property. And that makes affordable tree trimming by the local tree trimmers at Hollinger Tree Service a must! Perhaps the best tree service in Stark County, Ohio, this company’s team can reduce your risk without diminishing the beauty of your trees.

Problems posed by large trees typically stem from the limbs. The broadest Buckeye on record, for example, was found over in Huron County. Known as the state champion big tree, it was 77-feet-tall with a crown spread of 64 feet. That spread consisted of sizeable branches connected to larger limbs. This is the same makeup of the crowning glory that is the Buckeye on your property in Canton, North Canton, Massillon or elsewhere in Stark County.

Should age, disease, high winds or storm damage pull a jewel from its crown, that would send a rather large limb on a rapid dissent. Unless of course, the falling limb or limbs were tossed like projectiles through the air. Cars, homes, people and animals can all be harmed by falling or flying limbs. The amount of harm is often connected to the size of the limb. And that can vary greatly depending on the species of tree, its age, and size.

Perhaps you have one or more of the ever popular Tulip trees. This variation of the Magnolia has a champion on record with the Native Plant Society of Northeastern Ohio that grew to a height of more than 130 feet with a diameter of 58 feet. Your Tulip trees are probably not so grand – yet. But just knowing the potential of these majestic beauties makes affordable tree trimming by local tree trimmers a smart, cost-effective form of prevention. And the best tree service to protect you, your family, and your property without busting your budget or harming your trees is Hollinger Tree Service.

Your relationship with the local tree trimmers at Hollinger Tree Service can begin with an estimate for affordable tree trimming. Just call them at 330.268.2989 and invite them to examine the trees on your property in Canton, Ohio; North Canton, Ohio; Massillon, Ohio; or a neighboring area. If you don’t know the species of your large trees – no problem. These trimmers that provide the best tree service can determine your tree type and the best way to safely control its growth without harming the tree. All you need to know is that trimming large trees is the smart thing to do if you’d rather be safe than sorry.

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