Canton, Ohio Home Due for Sewer Drain Cleaning? Call Underground Connections

UndergroundConnections_TruckIf you’ve been experiencing plumbing issues in your Canton, Ohio or Akron, Ohio home, chances are that there may be something wrong with your sewer system. Since proving this theory is a lot more difficult than simply removing the top of your toilet tank, you may want to call on a sewer expert like Underground Connections instead of trying to tackle it yourself. As Underground Connections offers sewer inspections to homeowners from Columbus, Ohio to Cleveland, Ohio, this is the company to contact should you ever need sewer drain cleaning. Not only do they perform general sewer snaking, but they can even provide you with their hydro-scrubbing service if you have a particularly stubborn blockage in your sewer pipe.Due to grease, tree roots, and other debris, it’s fairly easy for your sewer pipes to clog up. Unfortunately, it’s not quite as easy to remove the blockage. Since most other sewer experts in the Canton/Akron area still use outdated methods of sewer drain cleaning and repair, you can expect to have a messy, expensive, and time-consuming project on your hands. These contractors have to use excavation in order to reach your pipes—a process that can cause damage to your yard, sidewalk, driveway, and garden. However, since Underground Connections specializes in trenchless sewer repair, they’re able to skip the excavation and get right to the issue!

Underground Connections_HydrojettingFor regular clogs, Underground Connections uses sewer snaking to remove any debris that may be blocking your pipes. The electric sewer snake they use is incredibly powerful, and comes with a number of different attachments. After performing a thorough sewer inspection, Underground Connections’ team will have a better idea as to which attachment will work best for that blockage. However, if sewer snaking doesn’t completely clear out your drain, Underground Connections can also offer their hydro-scrubbing service.

When clogged lines are too stubborn to be cleared by traditional methods, Underground Connections recommends their hydro-scrubbing service to homeowners throughout Columbus and Cleveland. With this approach, Underground’s sewer experts will clear your pipes with 4000 psi of pressurized water. This is a great option for cutting roots, grease, and toilet paper blockages, as well as dirt and debris-filled pipes. Plus, with their many nozzle set-ups, Underground’s team can perform this type of sewer drain cleaning on pipes from 2-24 inches wide!

Underground Connections_Sewer CleaningIf you’ve been experiencing plumbing issues in your Canton, Ohio or Akron, Ohio home, now is a good time to call Underground Connections for a sewer inspection. The sewer experts from this local company would be happy to take a look at your system to determine which method of sewer cleaning. is right for your pipes. If you’d like to learn more about the sewer snaking and hydro-scrubbing service from Underground Connections, visit Or, you could give them a call at 330.410.4638 to enlist their help and find out why homeowners from Columbus, Ohio to Cleveland, Ohio rely on Underground Connections for sewer drain cleaning and repair.

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