Carroll’s Carpet and Flooring near Canton, Ohio Helps Beautify Your Home with Recycled Green Products

carrollscarpet_logoThe news is filled with regarding cautionary headlines global warming, depleted resources and brimming landfills. This begs the question, “What can an individual do?” One answer is to visit Carroll’s Carpet and Flooring near Canton, Ohio for green carpeting and recycled hardwood. As these eco-friendly flooring products are made from rapidly renewable or recycled materials, homeowners have the opportunity to do their part for the environment. By installing some of Carroll’s recycled green products in your own Navarre, Ohio; Dalton, Ohio; or Massillon, Ohio home, not only can you beautify your space, but you can feel better about the ground beneath your feet.

Making “green” choices can sometimes leave customers feeling overwhelmed. However, that need not be the case for residents in Massillon, Navarre and Dalton. A simple call or visit to Carroll’s Carpet and Flooring near Canton will provide the information and support needed to choose eco-friendly flooring products.

carrollscarpet_flooring3Technological advances in the flooring industry have made recycled green products such as carpeting, hardwood, tile and laminate available for use in your home or business. Reclaim, recycle and reuse are the words of the future. But at Carroll’s Carpet and Flooring, the future begins today! This local business will help you find the perfect green flooring match. There are rapidly renewable or recycled versions of many popular types of flooring, all with their own interesting stories and benefits.

Green carpeting can be derived from corn products, recycled PET containers, recycled nylons or car tires.  New environmentally sensitive tile flooring is formulated with plant-based polymers.

Linoleum has numerous “green” merits. It is made from all-natural materials that are harvested with minimal energy use. They can be recycled and are fully biodegradable. In addition, they do not release harmful substances or gases like some synthetic flooring products.

carrollscarpet_living roomRecycled hardwoods incorporate reclaimed wood products. As old properties are deconstructed, wood items are salvaged and given new life in another property. This lessens the burden on our forests and gives them time for recovery and replanting.

Environmentally friendly flooring products can also give your home or business the cool, contemporary look you have been seeking. Bamboo and cork flooring have a unique look and feel that everyone will admire. Not to mention the fact that these stylish choices are very earth friendly.

Most importantly, you do not have to be a scientist to appreciate the beautiful eco-friendly flooring products available at Carroll’s Carpet and Flooring.  But if you do have any questions about a rapidly renewable or recycled green product, their friendly staff will have all the answers.

carrollscarpet_flooring2Today it is completely possibly to improve your personal environment without sacrificing our planet’s environment. Just talk to the knowledgeable experts at Carroll’s Carpet and Flooring! For more information about the recycled hardwood, green carpeting, linoleum and tile available at this Canton, Ohio area dealer, visit their website at If you have any questions about the recycled green products from Carroll’s Carpet and Flooring, give them a call at 330.666.7273. Or better yet, take the trip from your Massillon, Ohio; Dalton, Ohio; or Navarre, Ohio home to their showroom to see their eco-friendly flooring products in person.

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