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Lafayette Forest Nursery_Logo Though we may have reached the last month of summer, that doesn’t mean it’s too late to work on your Green, Ohio or Jackson Township, Ohio backyard. By calling the professionals at Lafayette Forest Nursery near North Canton, Ohio, you can get all the help you need to transform your outdoor space into a beautiful and relaxing spot you’ll enjoy throughout the seasons. In addition to offering such unique plants as weeping larches and weeping birches, Lafayette Forest Nursery also provides customers with landscape design. Whether you’re interested in a flagstone walk with stone pavers to add a touch of elegance to your yard, a privacy screen to put space between yourself and your neighbors, or a dry creek bed to control rainwater, the experienced team from Lafayette Forest Nursery will deliver.

No matter how much space you may have available in your Green or Jackson Township backyard, chances are there are at least one or two features you can add to really make it your own. Thankfully, the professionals from Lafayette Forest Nursery have plenty of ideas when it comes to landscape design. For instance, many homeowners come to their establishment wanting to incorporate a little more greenery into their backyards. One of the simplest solutions is to plant a new tree, such as a weeping larch or weeping birch. Not only are these plants fairly easy to care for, but their drooping branches allow them to stand out amongst regular trees.Lafayette Forest_Trees

If your main concern is setting up a boundary between your lawn and your neighbor’s, you can also enlist the help of this North Canton area business to create a privacy screen. Planting a dense row of trees or shrubs can be an effective way to mark property lines and give you the solitude you’ve been craving. There is a wide variety of evergreen plants that work well for this type of project, and the experts from Lafayette Forest Nursery can help you select the right one for your budget, style, and needs!

Those with downward sloping backyards may be interested to learn that Lafayette Forest Nursery can craft a dry creek bed that will help with drainage. In addition to preventing soil erosion, this type of landscaping feature can be a nice addition to any yard. Many people add them near their flower beds and at the base of their yards just because they like the way they look!

CreatinLafayette Forest_Pathg a decorative path from your back door to your patio, pool, or even shed is also a worthy summer project if you’re looking to improve your yard’s aesthetics. Not only will it allow you to avoid walking in the grass, but it will also add an attractive feature that your yard may otherwise be missing. And since the landscape design team from Lafayette Forest Nursery has a number of stone pavers to choose from, you can be sure that you’ll be pleased with the look of your new flagstone walk.

If you’re interested in obtaining landscape design help for your Green, Ohio or Jackson Township, Ohio property, Lafayette Forest Nursery is definitely the place to call. Their team is extremely knowledgeable about privacy screens, dry creek beds, flagstone walks made from stone pavers, and other landscaping features that may fit your backyard. Visit their website at for additional information about their services. Or, simply give this North Canton, Ohio area business a call at 330.413.1468 to ask about the weeping larches and birches they have available.

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