Don’t Clean Gutters! Get the Top Rated Gutter Guards from LeafFilter™ Gutter Protection of Akron, Ohio

leaffilter_logoishSpring is here and your list of spring cleaning tasks is always growing. We get it. But you just want to get outside and enjoy the sun and warmth. After the long and dreary winter that took a toll on Toledo, Ohio; Cincinnati, Ohio and the rest of the Buckeye State – who can blame you! The last thing you want to think about is clogged gutters or pulling the ladder out to clean up the mess winter left behind. That’s why spring is a great time to call LeafFilter™ Gutter Protection. The company based near Akron, Ohio has the best rated gutter guards in the nation. And they’re guaranteed to keep gutters clog-free forever!

Leaf Filter Gutter Protection Detroit_Foundation DamageClogged gutters are a serious problem that can have a negative effect on many aspects of your home. Serious damage to your roof, foundation, and the overall integrity of your home can all be caused by clogs in your gutters. It’s wise to beware of this problem because, like the flow of seasons, you’ll eventually deal with the consequences if you don’t take proactive measures.

The arduous list of spring cleaning tasks like cleaning the yard, garden and roof seems like a never-ending battle. And don’t even mention the gutters! After an hour and a half of cleaning gutters, you will have hauled the ladder around the entire exterior of your home – no easy task. All in an attempt to maintain clean rain gutters and prevent leaves and debris from clogging the downspouts. All to avoid serious damage to your home and health concerns for your family, as clogged gutters that allow water to enter the home can lead to mold and mildew.

Leaf Filter Gutter Protection_Types of Gutter GuardsHave you given gutter guards a thought before the rain rolls in this spring? Since quality time with friends and family can be hard to find these days, consider spending time this spring creating a new family tradition and making memories. Head outdoors and divide your family and friends into teams. Have fun playing a friendly game of football, baseball or basketball together. You could also play a group game of Hide and Seek or Kick the Can. Remember playing Capture the Flag as a child? Try it again with your kids and friends.

With professionally installed gutter protection and the best rated gutter guards, you’ll save yourself the worry of clogged gutters. You and your family will be able to enjoy the spring warmth and blooming flowers. Make the most of the longer days in Akron, Toledo, Cincinnati, and all points in between. Don’t waste your time up on the ladder cleaning and clearing out messy gutters.

Leaf Filter Gutter Protection_Gutter DebrisMany homeowners throughout the country have started to use gutter protection options as a welcomed change to the old way of cleaning gutters. Who wants to clean clogged rain gutters anyway? With the best rated gutter guards from LeafFilter™ Gutter Protection, cleaning is a thing of the past.  Now you can focus on more important things in life, like getting in an extra round of golf.

Gutter protection comes in many different styles and types depending on your budget and roof shingle design. Many gutter protection systems on the market have to be installed under your roof’s shingles, but this defaults the warranty on your roof – a risk many installers don’t tell buyers. But not with LeafFilter™ Gutter Protection, as the LeafFilter™ system will not disturb your roof or shingles.

Leaf Filter Gutter Protection_Spring SavingsLeafFilter™ has been rated the #1 gutter guard system on the market, and consists of a Micro Mesh filter mounted on top of a rigid vinyl body. These best rated gutter guards install easily over existing rain gutters and never default roof warranties. LeafFilter™ gutter guards eliminate the possibility of clogged gutters; shortening your list of spring cleaning tasks and protecting your home from damage all year. This gives you time to enjoy everything each season has to offer whether you’re in Akron, Ohio; Toledo, Ohio; Cincinnati, Ohio; or elsewhere in the Buckeye State. To learn more, go to Download a coupon for $250 savings from the website, and call 800.290.6106 for a free estimate.

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