Embrace Low Maintenance Landscaping with Hardscape Services by Classico Landscapes of Stark County, Ohio

classico_logoLow maintenance landscaping is getting a second look. This style of exterior enhancement employs gravel, stone and fixtures rather than grass, flowers and trees. Commonly referred to as hardscapes; these settings can be subdued, stately or spectacular minus the watering, weeding and yard work typical to green landscaping scenes. And anyone looking for hardscape ideas should turn their attention to Classico Landscapes. Located in Stark County, Ohio, this local landscaping company provides a surprising range of hardscape services to residential and commercial customers in Wayne County; Tuscarawas County, Ohio; and surrounding areas.

Brick & Flagstone Patios

Low maintenance landscaping ideas are built upon on solid foundations. Most often a brick or flagstone patio, these foundations can be laid in the size, shape and palette of your choice. A common misconception is that patios are restricted to squares or circles, and composed of either concrete or stone of a single hue. The truth of the matter, however, is that the landscaping team at Classico Landscapes can create a custom patio to flatter your structure with unique dimensions and your choice of colors.

classicolandscape_pondwithgreeneryFixtures vs. Flowers

Water features, fire pits and custom outdoor fireplaces are popular fixtures in low maintenance landscaping scenes. In fact, some customers’ hardscape ideas center on their desire to have one or all of the above. And Classico Landscapes delivers as water and fire features are among their hardscape services. As are retaining walls, sea walls and landscape lighting. The landscape designers at this professional landscaping company are graduates of OSU. Their formal education combines with their passion for their craft to produce hardscapes that are hard to look away from!

It’s Not Easy Being Green

Whether you’re thinking of adding low maintenance landscaping to your home in Wayne County or your business in Tuscarawas County, you may want a touch of tradition. Perhaps you’re partial to greenery or simply believe it belongs in landscaping layouts. Yet, the trimming, pruning and other timely tending acts that are required to stop green from fading to brown make you hesitant. Relax! The hardscape experts in Stark County can incorporate low maintenance plants with weed resistant bedding to be largely sustained by structured irrigation.

Classico Landscapes_Brick and Flagstone PatiosWhat does that mean, you ask? That means the landscape designers at Classico Landscapes can strategically position self sustaining greenery in your yard’s natural or newly created rain water stream. Factor in beds covered with gravel or pebbles instead of mulch and arrive at low maintenance! This is but one of many hardscape ideas derived their hardscape services and low maintenance landscaping options. For more, go to classicolandscapes.com. You can call 330.875.0797 for an on-site consultation at your place in or near Stark County, Ohio; Wayne County, Ohio; or Tuscarawas County, Ohio.

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