Erase Winter Damage to Trees & Grounds with Hollinger Tree Service of Canton, Ohio

As the snow and ice of winter fade away, some of the season’s marks seem to be here to stay. If you have trees with broken limbs and brittle barks or land riddled with sinkholes, you know what we mean. But you may not know that Hollinger Tree Service can help remedy winter damage to trees and smooth rough grounds. Based in Canton, Ohio and serving all of Stark County, Ohio to include Massillon, Ohio, this land clearing company provides a tree cutting service that can save what might seem lost. Add in its other services, and Hollinger Tree Service can erase the signs of winter.

When you think of what your trees, shrubs, grass, and grounds have been through in recent months, it’s no wonder they look worn. Mounds of snow and sheets of ice are heavy, drying, and downright damaging to greenery. Each can cause cracks, breaks, and splits. And these are only a few examples of winter damage to trees! Look down or think of the pothole problem in Northeast Ohio, and you might agree that winter temperatures and precipitation also take a notable toll on solid ground.

But none of the natural assets listed above have to be left withering. Turn your attention to your trees, and know that tree cutting service can remove parts that are too badly damaged and allow the remainder to thrive. Granted you can hire the team at Hollinger Tree Service to completely remove trees you no longer want. This team of guys will green thumbs can also help save any and all items that still have a shot at life.

True to a land clearing company with a seasoned crew, Hollinger Tree Service can level uneven ground. This service makes a difference for property owners in Canton and Massillon who don’t want the liability that holes and caters create. And it’s valuable to everyone in Stark County who simply wants to like what they see when they look outside. Pair this company’s land clearing or tree cutting service with any of its other offerings listed below, and you can have a safe and beautiful space just in time for spring.

Hollinger Tree Service Areas of Expertise

Tree Removal

Stump Grinding

Pruning & Trimming

ROW Clearing

Lot/Land Clearing

Seasonal & Storm Damage

Residential Services

Commercial Services

24-hour Emergency Services

To request an estimate for any of the services we’ve named, call 330.268.2989. Let the experts know whether you’re interested in their tree cutting service to erase winter damage to trees or if you’re calling on a land clearing company to wipe winter away. They can visit your property in Canton, Ohio; Massillon, Ohio; or a neighboring area in Stark County, Ohio and make you aware of all of your options.

Hollinger Tree Service

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