Facts from Leaf Filter™ Gutter Protection in Detroit, Michigan Help You Buy Gutter Guards that Work

leaffilter_logoishThe home improvement world is abuzz with talk of gutter guards. Dubbed gutter covers by some and filters by others. These products are supposed to keep debris out of gutters as they redefine preventative maintenance. For consumers in places like Flint, Michigan; Detroit, Michigan; and Lansing, Michigan looking to buy gutter guards, the buzz can be confusing. With seemingly pointless promises of things like ‘clean clogs’ in mix, many find themselves wondering how do gutter guards work and are gutter guards worth it. So, the team at Leaf Filter™ Gutter Protection – the makers of the #1 rated professionally installed gutter protection system in America – is clearing the fog.

According to the experts, anyone wondering how do gutter guards work is on course to make a smart purchase. Because by examining how a product is designed to keep debris out of gutters will let you know if it’s up to the challenge. Are the gutter covers you’re considering made to affix to your gutters or be nailed or screwed into your roof? And, will they cover your gutters completely and thereby keep every type of debris out? Or will they leave cracks or gaps and allow even the smallest objects in?

Leaf Filter Gutter Protection_Gutter GuardsThe answers to these questions will in turn answer the question are gutter guards worth it. So, the industry leaders at Leaf Filter™ Gutter Protection suggest you look at each individually and use the collective data to make an informed decision. Beginning with how gutter guards are affixed, know that anything that is fastened to your roof will more than likely void your roof warranty. Next, you should consider whether a product will completely seal your gutter system or leave entry points for debris. Why? Because more than leaves clog gutters as you can see from the list below.

Common Causes of Clogged Gutters






Pine Needles








Mud, Dirt

Shingle Grit

Garbage, Paper

Squirrels, Chipmunks

Bees, Wasps, Hornets

Leaf Filter_Gutter GuardsTake a look around Detroit or think of things you’ve seen in Flint or Lansing, and completely sealed gutters likely seem best. Add in the fact that Leaf Filter™ Gutter Protection gutter guards are customized to fit existing gutters without so much as touching roofs, and you will begin to see why this product is #1 in the nation. And should you buy gutter guards from this company, you’ll join the slew of consumers currently benefiting from the company’s clog-free guarantee and lifetime, transferrable warranty.

Leaf Filter_Micro Mesh Gutter GuardsThis guarantee and warranty can end the search for consumers seeking to buy gutter guards that work. And you can see each online at www.leaffilter.com. While you’re there, check out the product’s design and evaluate comparisons to competing products. You can also view video testimonials by consumers who went from wondering how do gutter guards work and are gutter guards worth it to confirming that Leaf Filter™ Gutter Protection gutter guards work best – forever! Once you’re fully informed, call 800.290.6106 and request a free estimate for your home in Detroit, Michigan; Flint, Michigan; Lansing, Michigan; or elsewhere in the US!

Leaf Filter™ Gutter Protection

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