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yoderserviceandsupply_logoThe summer season is here and the time for relaxing outside is now. As many people throughout the state of Ohio are happy that we’re currently experiencing such agreeable weather, it’s no surprise that the number of construction and remodeling projects is on the rise. People like the idea of having their own outdoor space in which to enjoy the sun’s warm rays. In fact, they like it so much that they’re enlisting the help of local contractors in order to build the porch, patio, or veranda of their dreams. If you’re one such contractor, then you may find yourself with a long list of projects to complete this summer. But without the right deck building tools, you’ll be unable to satisfy your customers’ wants and needs… Fortunately, Yoder Service & Supply near New Philadelphia, Ohio offers the revolutionary CAMOTM Hidden Deck Fastening System complete with CAMOTM driver bits and screws.  If you’re looking for the best way to construct a wooden, PVC, or composite deck for a client’s Canton, Ohio; Bolivar, Ohio; or Cleveland, Ohio home, Yoder Service & Supply should be your first and only stop. With CAMOTM Marksman Pro and Pro-X1 hand tools paired with hot tipped galvanized nails, you’ll be able to provide homeowners with a beautiful outdoor deck surface that’s free of fasteners.

If you’re unfamiliar with the CAMOTM Hidden Deck Fastening System, you’ll be impressed with what this unique deck building tool can do. With CAMOTM driver bits and screws, CAMOTM Hidden Deck Fasteners, a CAMOTM  Marksman Pro or Pro-X1 tool and your drill, you have all of the items you need to begin building a sturdy and attractive deck.

yoderservice_galvanizednailsThe CAMOTM Hidden Deck Fastening System available from Yoder Service & Supply allows you to easily attach deck boards to the substructure without having visible fasteners. Rather than eyeballing the deck and risking an error, this collection of deck building tools makes it incredibly simple for you to space and fasten the composite, PVC, or wooden deck boards you’re working with. Not only will you be able to give customers a more appealing deck surface, but you can significantly cut down your work time!

CAMO’sTM  new system is a great tool to have on hand, especially this summer when you’ll undoubtedly be working on a number of projects for Canton, Bolivar and Cleveland homeowners. But what makes it even better is the fact that you can obtain your own at Yoder Service & Supply for a reasonable price. Along with CAMOTM Hidden Deck Fasteners, galvanized nails, CAMOTM  Marksman Pro and Pro-X1 tools, CAMOTM driver bits and screws, this local shop near New Philadelphia offers several other deck building tools you may require. Whether you find yourself in need of hammers, levels, shovels, concrete tools, saws, nail pullers, tape measures, or post hole diggers, you can find the right product within Yoder Service & Supply’s extensive inventory.

With Yoder Service & Supply’s wide selection of affordable deck building tools, you can easily obtain the items you need and make your clients happy this summer. To learn more about the CAMOTM Hidden Deck Fastening System, visit or give Yoder Service & Supply a call at 330.359.2300. They’d be happy to talk to you about this new product in greater detail. But if you have an upcoming project for a Bolivar, Ohio; Canton, Ohio; or Cleveland, Ohio homeowner and you don’t have all of the essentials, make sure to visit Yoder’s shop near New Philadelphia, Ohio. Their selection of CAMOTM  Marksman Pro and Pro-X1 tools, galvanized nails, CAMOTM driver bits and screws is more than adequate. Plus, their knowledgeable associates will help you determine what size best fits your application. Call or visit Yoder Service & Supply today and get the tools you need for your trade.

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