For an Exclusive Selection & Better Prices, Shop Smart, Shop Local, Shop Granite Artisans in Cleveland, Ohio

It often pays to shop local. Locally owned businesses can cater to interests, trends and traditions specific to their areas of operation. A homegrown establishment is therefore more likely to have a product selection befitting its patrons. Shop a local specialty store, and you can peruse an inventory filled with multiple versions of what you want. This is especially true of Granite Artisans in Cleveland, Ohio. Where a big box store in say Westlake, Ohio or Rocky River, Ohio may offer a few styles of several different types of countertops, Granite Artisans has a vast selection of granite countertops. This selection makes it easy for all to upgrade kitchen countertops without settling or ending up with the same countertops as everyone else.

This point that probably seems obvious now is overlooked more often than not. In fact, many consumers will visit local locations of national retailers because they think they’ll find more to choose from. Granted this may be true of the number of total items across several categories. It’s usually false when it comes to the selection of items in a specific category.

Let’s say you walk into a chain home goods store in Westlake or Rocky River, ready to fulfill your desire to upgrade kitchen countertops. You would likely encounter a limited number of laminate, wood, stainless steel and silestone countertops along with a few granite options and maybe even some marble. But if you knew before you left home that you wanted granite countertops, looking at other types of countertops would be a waste of time.

Meanwhile, the presence of these other types of countertops reduces the amount of room granite gets on the chain store’s roster. And that means fewer choices for you. Whereas, were you shop local at our specialty store in Cleveland that’s completely filled with granite countertops, your options would be seemingly endless! There are so many colors, blends, and price points available – you’re sure to find what you want within your budget at Granite Artisans.

But don’t take our word for it. Head to the store and see the massive selection of high quality granite countertops today! Granite Artisans makes it easy for you to shop local and complete your plan to upgrade kitchen countertops with exquisitely unique and surprisingly affordable granite. By being exclusive to granite and omitting all other types of countertops, we’re able to benefit from buying power when we fill our inventory. So, bypass the big box retailers in Rocky River, Ohio, skip the chain stores in Westlake, Ohio, and visit Granite Artisans. Here, you’re sure to find more of what you want for less than you might expect! For directions or store hours, call 216.881.6601.

Granite Artisans
1440 E 34th Street
Cleveland, Ohio 44114

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