For Energy Efficient Doors this Winter, Contact the Experts at Biltmore Exteriors in Canton!

biltmoreexteriors_LOGOThere are many ways to keep your home’s energy bills down this season, but did you know that replacing those old entry doors could help? If you have a home with outdated doors in the Canal Fulton, Ohio area, cold air could be sneaking in through the cracks. Older doors – especially original doors- are often poorly sealed and insulated. In turn, this allows you to lose warm air and allow cold air to enter your home during the winter months. With new entry doors from Biltmore Exteriors in Canton, Ohio, you can help eliminate some of this air flow and seal in your warm air all season long! Are you ready to invest in energy efficient doors for your Minerva, Ohio residence this season? For these exterior home updates and more, contact the experts at Biltmore Exteriors!

biltmoreexteriors_doorFor years, Biltmore Exteriors has been assisting those in the Canton area and beyond with all of their exterior home update needs. From new siding and roofing to window installation services, their team of experts can do it all! With the New Year upon us, now is the time to start thinking about all those updates you’d like to do to your Canal Fulton home’s exterior in the coming year. Because of the cold weather, you may want to consider finding ways to conserve the heat in your home this season. After all, there are many areas of your home where cold air could enter and warm air escape. Windows and doors are two of the most notorious locations next to your roofing and siding. This is because old doors and windows were not designed to seal in the air the way modern, more energy efficient doors and windows have been.

biltmoreexteriors_proviadoorsRather than continuing to use these outdated features of your home, consider investing in new entry doors and new windows for your Minerva residence. Not only will these updates improve the appearance of your home, but it’s overall function! How? New doors and windows better seal in the warm air of your home and prevent the cold air from leaking inside. Once the cold air is prevented from entering your home, your heating system won’t have to work as hard to keep the temperature you desire, resulting in lowered energy costs. With advantages like these, why waste another winter with outdated windows and doors?

biltmoreexteriors_roofingMaking sure you have energy efficient doors and windows is important, but so is making sure the rest of your home’s exterior is updated as well. If you’re looking to have a few exterior home updates performed on your home this season, contact the experts at Biltmore Exteriors in Canton, Ohio. With their help, you’ll be able to get the roofing repairs your Minerva, Ohio home has needed as well as additional exterior services, helping to keep your home even more energy efficient this winter season. From new siding to new entry doors, Biltmore Exteriors can help you enhance your Canal Fulton, Ohio home’s appearance and function at an affordable price! For more information, visit or call 330.899.1000 today!

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