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Canton Aluminum & Vinyl_LogoWith summer in full swing, many individuals are looking for unique ways to update their home’s appearance as well as function. One way you could do this is by adding a stylish new sunroom to your North Canton, Ohio residence! With a sunroom, you can enjoy the beautiful summer scenery without having to step outside into the blazing heat. Are you planning on updating your home in other ways? For some individuals, running their air conditioner can seem like an expensive endeavor. If you have an older home in the Bolivar, Ohio or Dover, Ohio area, it may be time to update your windows. With energy efficient windows, you can reduce the amount of negative air flow and help keep your cool air in your home. Other cooling additions to your Malvern, Ohio residence available from Canton Aluminum & Vinyl include quality awnings and patio covers.

Canton Aluminum & Vinyl_SunroomAs a matter-of-fact, Canton Aluminum & Vinyl provides one of the largest selections of quality aluminum awnings and covers for your patio. With these quality awnings – retractable and basic you can protect your Bolivar home’s doors and windows from snow buildup in the winter and excessive water during the warmer months. These awnings also provide a source of shade on hot summer days. Alongside these awnings, patio covers provide an affordable shade for your deck or patio so you can entertain your guests without having to be in direct sunlight. Canton Aluminum & Vinyl also has translucent covers available that allow in filtered light but not the heat that accompanies it.

Canton Aluminum_AwningAs these shades help reduce heat in certain parts of your home, replacing your outdated windows can help keep your home properly cooled throughout the summer months. New windows can also help keep the heat in during the winter! How? If your Dover or Malvern residence has its original windows, air could easily be leaking out of it through improperly sealed seams. What this means is that your air conditioner or furnace could be working harder than it should to keep your home at the temperature you need it to be, raising your energy costs. With energy efficient windows from Canton Aluminum & Vinyl, you can eliminate this negative air flow and keep your energy costs low. These new windows will also add value to your residence! If you’re looking for other ways to improve the value of your North Canton residence, consider adding a new sunroom.

cantonaluminum_doublehungwindowsWith a new sunroom for your Bolivar, Ohio or Dover, Ohio residence, you can relax in the beauty of the outdoors without having to worry about the quickly changing weather, insects, or the heat. Do you know which sunroom is right for your North Canton, Ohio residence? Canton Aluminum & Vinyl is happy to create Four Season Sunrooms as well as Three Season Sunrooms to accommodate your home’s style as well as your personal needs. For additional updates to your Malvern, Ohio residence, consider investing in quality awnings and patio covers or energy efficient windows from Canton Aluminum & Vinyl. For more information on these quality products and services and how they can enhance your home, visit or call 330.456.0021 today!

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