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cbconstruction_logoishThis winter season has been a rough one for many individuals throughout the Barberton, Ohio area and beyond. During the frequent winter storms that have come through, excessive wind and heavy snows have wreaked havoc on our home’s roofing! If your Strongsville, Ohio residence’s roof has fallen victim to winter storm damage, you’ll want a professional to quickly and efficiently repair the damages. This winter, contact the professionals at CB Construction Co for all of your roofing damage repairs this season. With the help of these highly skilled craftsmen, you’ll be able to have the shingles and additional damages done to your roofing resolved quickly and efficiently. The sooner your roofing is repaired, the sooner it will return to perfect working order! Whatever winter roofing services you may be in need of for your Medina, Ohio residence this season, know that CB Construction Co is the place to call!

Did you know that your roofing is one of the most important parts of your home during the winter months? Your Strongsville residence’s roof is designed to keep you protected from the elements while bearing the weight of a heavy load of snow.  With the severe winter storms that have recently blown through the Barberton area, some home homeowners are finding that their roofing has suffered winter storm damage. These damages can occur through high winds as well as heavy snow. Rather than waiting until spring has arrived to have roofing damage repairs performed on your roof, contact the professionals at CB Construction Co. With the help of their winter roofing services, they can repair the minor damages your roof has endured as well as perform a complete roofing replacement if necessary! After all, having a properly maintained roof is extremely important to the function of your home. If your home’s roofing is damaged, warm air can begin to leak from your home through your roofing. This, in turn, will force your heater to run longer in order to keep your home properly warmed and raise your energy bills. Do you have old roofing that needs replaced anyway? Rather than spending the money on minor repairs, consider replacing the roofing of your home entirely. By replacing your home’s roofing entirely, you’ll be able to update the overall look of your current residence while also making it more energy efficient!

cbconstruction_otherCould your Barberton, Ohio residence use these winter roofing services? Whether your residence has suffered winter storm damage or you want to avoid a leaky roof, CB Construction Co is the place to call. With years of experience and the help of their professional roofing contractors, you’ll be able to get the roofing damage repairs your Strongsville, Ohio residence needs at a price you can afford. Even if you’re just ready to upgrade your home’s current roofing, CB Construction Co in Medina, Ohio can do it all. For more information on these quality services and more, visit or call 440.554.8447 today!

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