Get Clog-Free Gutters & Avoid Damage All Year with Leaf Filter™ Gutter Protection based near Cleveland, Ohio

leaffilter_logoishThis winter will be one to remember! Snow covered cities south of Nashville, Tennessee and inundated places like Seattle, Washington far worse than we expected. But for homeowners with underperforming gutter protection products or no protection at all, it won’t be frostbitten photos of Atlanta that remind them of this winter. Ice damming, busted downspouts, and structural damage will instead stick out in their minds. All of which can be prevented with gutter guards from Leaf Filter™ Gutter Protection. Based near Cleveland, Ohio and leading among gutter guard companies, this company’s product is guaranteed to provide clog-free gutters forever!

It’s clogs, after all, that cause the backup that results in ice damming, busted downspouts, and even structural damage. Because when water doesn’t flow through gutters systems, down spouts, and away from homes, pricey problems are all but inevitable. In winter, trapped water freezes. This creates the pricey problem of ice damming which can appear in many forms depending on the location of the ice block – or blocks. In warmer months, trapped water breeds mosquitoes as it puts pressure where pressure shouldn’t be.

Leaf Filter_Gutter Leaves3On the heels of what some are calling the worst winter in decades, ice damming has surely revealed consequences associated with poor gutter protection products and unprotected gutters. Should you have damaged roof eaves on your home in Nashville or cracks in the foundation of your home in Seattle or Cleveland, you probably consider these one in the same. And we agree. Because having gutter protection products that do not give you clog-free gutters is pretty much akin to having no protection at all.

But Leaf Filter™ Gutter Protection gutter guards do provide clog-free gutters. In fact, they are guaranteed to do so and carry a lifetime, transferrable warranty. This guarantee and warranty separates Leaf Filter™ from other gutter guard companies. As does the fact that these guards are custom fit to existing gutter systems and professionally installed. They completely seal gutters and have microfilter on top. The microfilter allows only water to get into gutters whereas gutter protection products with cracks or gaps allow debris to enter gutters. And once debris is in, clogs come next, followed by backups and costly damage.

Leaf Filter_Micro Mesh Gutter GuardsIf your home has suffered damage this winter, don’t let it worsen this summer. Call Leaf Filter™ Gutter Protection at 800.290.6106. Request a free estimate for installation at your home in Nashville, Tennessee; Seattle, Washington; Cleveland, Ohio; or elsewhere in the US. If you’d like to see the design that allows these gutter guards to provide clog-free gutters where other gutter protection products can’t, go to Feel free to check out video testimonials from existing customers while you’re at the website. And when you’re ready for guaranteed results and a warranty that no other gutter guard companies provide, call the Leaf Filter™ Gutter Protection location nearest you.

Leaf Filter™ Gutter Protection

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