Get Guarantees that Defeat DIY Gutter Guards from Leaf Filter™ Gutter Protection near Seattle, Washington

leaffilter_logoishGutter covers are coming up in countless conversations and showing up in do-it-yourself marketplaces. It’s understandable since the ability to prevent leaves in gutters and avoid clogged gutters appeals to property owners. But what’s important for homeowners near Everett, Washington and business owners in Olympia, Washington and Tacoma, Washington to know is that more than leaves clog gutters. And it’s the precise installation of comprehensive gutter guards that ensures clear flows. This makes DIY gutter guards a cause for pause rather than purchase and customized microfilter gutter guards by Leaf Filter™ Gutter Protection near Seattle, Washington a professionally installed product to consider.

Pine needles, Maple spinners, shingle grit, insects, hives, squirrels, and other rodents are a few of the things that clog gutters – with or without leaves. Factor in dirt or sand, and clogged gutters are highly likely. Yet, many people don’t consider any of these potential gutter obstructions. Some, in turn, fall victim to the increasingly popular marketing myth that gutter covers that prevent leaves in gutters provide an adequate defense against clogs.

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What’s interesting about this myth’s spread is that anyone who has ever ascended a ladder to clean gutters knows it to be untrue. If this includes you, pause for a moment and reflect upon the items that made up the muck that came from your gutters. Granted you may not have cared to inspect the slimy piles of debris, but you surely noticed that each grimy hand full consisted of more than leaves. So based on your experience alone, you know that products promising to prevent leaves in gutters will only address of a fraction of the problem at best.

Turn your attention to DIY gutter guards, and envision yourself back atop that ladder. Do you recall assuming a masterful stance or wobbling a bit each time you moved? That question may seem odd, but it’s entirely relevant to anyone who is thinking of installing DIY gutter guards on their home near Seattle or Tacoma. And it’s equally pertinent to business owners in Everett and Olympia who are thinking of having an employee take on the task.

Leaf Filter Gutter Protection_Gutter CoversReason being, the slightest opening in gutter covers is an entry point for debris and a starting point for clogs. So anyone who is unable to function with superior efficiency while standing on a ladder and using both hands to install gutter covers is likely to leave gaps. Add in the fact that most DIY gutter guards are designed with openings, and the balancing act is rendered pointless as clogged gutters are inevitable.

Completely sealed, custom-fit, professionally installed, microfilter gutter covers that are guaranteed to let only water get by make better sense. This is why Leaf Filter™ Gutter Protection’s gutter guards are the ideal choice for residents of Everett, Washington; Olympia, Washington; and Tacoma, Washington who want to prevent leaves in gutters and block all other gutter obstructions too. It’s also why over 12 million feet of these guards have been installed since 2005. The product’s proven abilities per precise installation can eliminate the idea of DIY gutter guards and lead to lasting customer satisfaction. See for yourself online at or call 800.290.6106 to start forming your own opinion.
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