Get Multiple Benefits with Vinyl Siding & Windows from Trademark Exteriors in Millersburg, Ohio

It’s about to get cold outside. Snow, ice, frigid winds, and bone-chilling temperatures are coming. The annual change we all know to expect is prompting homeowners from Canton, Ohio to Columbus, Ohio to brace for impact. Much like their neighbors in Dover, Ohio and New Philadelphia, Ohio, they’re replacing siding and getting new windows. And those who consider cost, energy efficiency, and looks to be deciding factors are going with vinyl siding and windows from Trademark Exteriors in Millersburg, Ohio.

Efforts to keep the cold out often center on siding and windows. These are, after all, common locations of weak spots and thereby prime places for leaks and air seepage. None of which will help you and your family stay warm in winter. Instead, outdated siding and drafty, old windows will allow your home’s heat to escape and Old Man Winter to enter. Give a tad bit of thought to the months of single-digit days ahead, and you may want to call Trademark Exteriors today.

The helpful team at the home improvement company in Millersburg provides and installs vinyl siding and windows of the highest quality. Available in a range of colors and priced to be budget friendly, their products are aesthetically pleasing and highly beneficial to heating bills among other things. Right now, however, keeping homes in Canton or Columbus and rental properties in Dover or New Philadelphia cozy is probably most important.

We surely understand that sentiment. And we assure you that the vinyl siding and windows in stock at Trademark Exteriors achieve the feat. But we must also point out additional benefits available to anyone thinking of replacing siding and getting new windows soon. By additional benefits we mean federal tax perks, and by soon we mean December 31. That’s the deadline for the 2013 Energy Efficiency tax credits that all of the Energy Star approved vinyl siding and windows at Trademark Exteriors qualify for.

The tax credits are worth a portion of your expense with staggering caps up to $500 for vinyl siding and windows. This makes replacing siding at your home in Dover, Ohio or New Philadelphia, Ohio doubly beneficial. And it makes getting new windows that will seal homes in Canton, Ohio and Columbus, Ohio equally smart. But time is running out for all of the benefits that these home improvement products provide. Winter is fast approaching and the 2013 calendar is drawing to a close. So call Trademark Exteriors at 330.893.0000 to request an estimate and discuss timely installation at your home today!

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