Homeowners near Canton, Cleveland, and Columbus, Ohio Call Underground Connections for Sewer Spot Repair

UndergroundConnections_TruckHow do you know when it’s time to fix your sewer pipe? How do you know if you need a simple sewer spot repair, or a complete sewer pipe replacement? How much can you expect to pay for each of these services? These are all questions that homeowners tend to ask when they’re faced with the unfamiliar task of sewer maintenance. Fortunately for those throughout the greater Canton, Ohio; Cleveland, Ohio; and Columbus, Ohio areas, all it takes to get the service you need is a call to the sewer pipe experts at Underground Connections. As this sewer repair company has been in business for years, they’re more than qualified to answer any questions you may have about your sewer system, as well as handle any repairs you may need.

For most homeowners, it’s easier to start with the basics. For example, the sewer pipe experts at Underground Connections are frequently asked, “What’s the difference between a sewer spot repair and a complete sewer pipe replacement?” The answer may seem simple, but many homeowners find themselves paying for the latter project when all they really need is the former!

Underground Connections_Sewer ExpertA sewer spot repair is exactly what it sounds like—the repair of a portion of your underground pipe. When homeowners decide that it’s time to fix their sewer pipe, this is the option they choose when just a small section of pipe has been damaged by tree roots or other causes. By enlisting the help of a sewer repair company like Underground Connections, the damaged section of pipe will be replaced by new PVC plastic pipe that’s designed to last significantly longer than your old pipe. As this is a relatively simple procedure, the sewer pipe experts from Underground Connections can have the entire project done in a matter of hours.

However, a spot repair isn’t always the best option for your Canton, Cleveland, or Columbus home, especially if there are cracks along the length of your pipe. Plus, even those who replace the damaged section of pipe eventually have to obtain a complete sewer pipe replacement. As the remaining pipe is susceptible to the same conditions that caused the destruction of the original section, sometimes it’s best to have the entire pipe replaced with a stronger, more durable option. Though you may think that this project would be more time-consuming, an experienced sewer repair company can also have the task completed in a timely manner.

undergroundconnections_beforeandafterBut how do you know which option is best for your needs? Well, to fix the sewer pipe under your Canton, Ohio; Cleveland, Ohio; or Columbus, Ohio home, Underground Connections uses their sewer camera so they can get a clear look at your pipes. Not every sewer repair company has this technology, which means that the “sewer pipe experts” you hire may just guess as to whether you need a sewer spot repair or sewer pipe replacement. Luckily, you’ll never have to worry about that when you enlist the help of Underground Connections. And since they have the most advanced technology available to them, you can feel confident that you’ll get the most affordable and efficient service possible.

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