Interested in Spring Renovation? Call Trademark Exteriors for Help Improving Your Dover, Ohio Home

Trademark Exteriors_Contact GraphicAs soon as the temperature rises above 40 degrees, homeowners all over the Millersburg, Ohio and Sugarcreek, Ohio areas begin planning their spring renovation projects. For some, the goal is to improve the look and feel of their homes. For others, however, making practical adjustments is the main priority. For instance, if you’ve grown tired of rainwater leaking down on your siding, you may want to consider purchasing seamless gutters for your Dover, Ohio home. Or, if you’ve noticed a significant increase in your heating and cooling costs over time, energy-efficient windows and siding may be the solution you’ve been looking for. Fortunately, the home improvement contractors from Trademark Exteriors can help with all of that and more. By hiring their team this season, you can get the gutter, window, and siding installation you need to reduce energy costs and even add value to your home.

Trademark Exteriors_Vinyl SidingMost people don’t realize it until the damage has already been done, but faulty gutters can cause rainwater to infiltrate the foundation, possibly even leaking into the basement. If you’ve had such issues in the past, now may be the time to invest in seamless gutters. As gutter installation is one of Trademark Exteriors’ specialties, their team can attach seamless gutters to your Dover home that will ensure water is carried away from it. Plus, they can select gutters that will blend in perfectly with the rest of your house instead of sticking out like a sore thumb.

Trademark Exteriors_Vinyl SidingIn addition to gutter installation, this team of home improvement contractors can provide you with energy-efficient windows and siding as well. If you’re concerned with conserving energy and lowering utility costs, this is an excellent spring renovation project. Homeowners throughout the Millersburg and Sugarcreek areas have already discovered that replacing old windows and siding with vinyl products that have a higher R-value can help cut down on costs and prevent air from escaping through the cracks. Purchasing energy-efficient windows and siding can even increase your home value and add more curb appeal. Since Trademark Exteriors has a wide range of products available, they’ll make sure the new windows and insulated siding you purchase will fit your personal style as well as your budget and needs.

Trademark Exteriors_LogoThere’s no reason why your spring renovation project can’t improve the function and appearance of your home. So, if you’re looking to make some changes to your Dover, Ohio residence this season, why not enlist the help of the home improvement contractors from Trademark Exteriors? They’d be more than happy to tell you more about their seamless gutters as well as their energy-efficient windows and siding. And if you give them a call at 330.893.0000 soon, you can be sure you get the window, siding, or gutter installation you need this season, just as Trademark Exteriors has done for countless homeowners throughout the Sugarcreek, Ohio and Millersburg, Ohio areas.

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