Keep Gutters Clean Forever with Gutter Covers from Leaf Filter™ Gutter Protection based near Akron, Ohio

leaffilter_logoishMaintaining a home is a seemingly endless job. Granted some chores come and go with the seasons. Cleaning gutters can be a constant task since removing leaves to keep gutters clean in fall is as important as extracting debris to avoid ice damming in winter. Not to be overlooked, the twigs and maple spurs of spring can be as problematic as dirt and shingle grit in summer. But you can stop cleaning gutters forever with the help of Leaf Filter™ Gutter Protection. Check out gutter guard ratings, and you’ll see that this company makes some of the best gutter covers available. And with offices serving Akron, Ohio; Toledo, Ohio; Columbus, Ohio; and the rest of the US, there’s surely a location near you!

Leaf Filter_Gutter Leaves3Whether you call them gutter guards or gutter covers, you know what they’re supposed to do. And that is, keep gutters clean while protecting your home from roof, siding, and structural damage. These are, after all, common consequences of clogged gutters. Because water that isn’t transported through gutter systems and diverted away from dwellings will cause damages. Factor in mold, mildew, and insect infestations and you have a fair idea of the myriad of purposes gutter guards are supposed to serve.

Leaf Filter Gutter Protection_Gutter CoversWe say supposed to because not all gutter protection products can do it. In fact, none that leave cracks, gaps, or openings once installed fit the bill. Only gutter covers that completely seal gutters and block every form of debris can keep gutters clean. And this isn’t an empty statement – it’s a proven fact! A fact that is supported by Consumer Reports and confirmed by customers of Leaf Filter™ Gutter Protection in places like Akron, Toledo, and Columbus.

Check gutter guard ratings from Consumer Reports, and you’ll find Leaf Filter™ Gutter Protection gutter guards atop the list. The consumer agency conducted extensive reviews, and examiners found this company’s product to be the best gutter covers in its class. Factors like the product’s ability to withstand various real-weather scenarios and block multiple types of debris were reviewed. And in the end, the experts determined that these guards outperformed the others.

Leaf Filter_Rain GuttersPeople like you agree, and you can hear their opinions in their own words. Just go to and view video testimonials from a range of customers. These personal accounts paired with official gutter guard ratings further support the notion that Leaf Filter™ Gutter Protection has the best gutter covers. As does the fact that over 15 million feet of these gutter guards have been installed on homes in Akron, Ohio; Toledo, Ohio; Columbus, Ohio; and countless other cities in the nation. To join the steadily growing list of satisfied homeowners and benefit this product that is proven to keep gutters clean, call 800.290.6106 and request a free estimate.

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