Keep Gutters Clean Forever with LeafFilter™ – Based in Northeast Ohio & Serving the Nation

leaffilter_logoishLeafFilter™ is the #1 consumer-rated gutter protection system, and perhaps the best gutter protection system, on the market today. No other system – whether a DIY product you can pick up at your local hardware store or another professionally installed system – can match the quality of LeafFilter™. It is guaranteed to do more than just keep leaves out of gutters. LeafFilter™ is guaranteed to keep gutters clean, clear and free of all debris forever! That’s why homeowners from Seattle, Washington to Nashville, Tennessee are choosing this system and the now nationwide company that started in Northeast Ohio.

LeafFilter™ gutter covers use the most effective debris-blocking and water-handling gutter screens in the history of the gutter protection industry! Absolutely nothing will adhere to our surgical grade stainless steel microfilter gutter guards. And, our patented microfilter will never rust or corrode. Instead, our gutter guards will keep leaves out of gutters in places like Seattle just as effectively as they’ll block twigs, shingle grit, and rodents to keep gutters clean in cities like Nashville.

Leaf Filter Gutter Protection_Gutter GuardsTrue to our roots in Northeast Ohio, we at LeafFilter™ believe quality is most important. That’s why we won’t install LeafFilter™ gutter guards on your home unless we’re 100% confident they will work 100% of the time. We also back our guards with a lifetime, transferrable warranty. Combined with our clog-free guarantee, our warranty contributes to consumer opinions that we have the best gutter protection system available. And our product’s strength is its design.

LeafFilter™ Consists of 4 Main Parts

  1. Microfilter screen
  2. Patented Rigid Vinyl Body
  3. Center i-Beam & Internal Brackets
  4. Subtle Drip Edge

Why Choose LeafFilter™?

  • Installs on your existing gutters – Don’t buy new gutters and save thousands!
  • No holes, gaps or openings – We guarantee that only water will enter your gutters.
  • We do NOT void your roof warranty – Competitor products disturb your roof and shingles.
  • Gutter cleaning, sealing and realignment are included with every installation.
  • No bugs or pests – No bees, insects, squirrels or birds will nest in your gutters.
  • NO DOWN PAYMENT needed & NO PAYMENT DUE until LeafFilter™ is installed on your home.
  • 0% Financing available with payments as low as $10/month.
  • Senior and military discounts available.

Leaf Filter_Gutter Leaves3To learn more about LeafFilter™, go to You can see the product’s design as well as our warranty and clog-free guarantee online. You can also view video testimonials from existing customers who say LeafFilter™ is the best gutter protection system on the market. And when you’re ready to have this product that will do more than keep leaves out of gutters on your home in Seattle, Washington; Nashville, Tennessee; or any other city in the US, call 800.290.6106 for a free estimate. This product is proven to keep gutters clean and with it, you’ll never have to clean gutters again!

Based in Northeast Ohio & Serving the Nation

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