Kinsinger Electric of Akron, Ohio Stresses the Importance of Service Upgrades before Winter

Kinsinger Electric_TruckWhen the holidays roll around, the most ambitious homeowners tend to take decorating to a whole new level. Instead of merely stringing up a couple of lights and calling it a day, a number of North Canton, Ohio and Green, Ohio residents go all out, adding decorative signs and figurines that all require electricity. Though this kind of project can turn the most average yard into a majestic winter wonderland, it can also mean big trouble for your home wiring system. Many people don’t realize that putting up multiple strings of lights around the home can lead to short circuits and even electrical fires. In order to avoid such a holiday disaster, it’s in your best interest to invest in a service upgrade. Calling an electrical contractor for a new circuit breaker panel and wiring now can save you the hassle of a fuse box replacement later on in the year. Plus, enlisting the help of Akron, Ohio-based Kinsinger Electric can ensure that you get the best work at the most reasonable price!

Kinsinger Electric_Electrician Wiring Stock PhotoAdmit it—when you’re decorating the front of your Green or North Canton home, you’re more worried about untangling last year’s lights than you are about overloading your circuit breaker panel. The trouble with this is that accidents do happen, despite the fact that most home wiring systems are built to limit the amount of power you use. When you combine a large number of illuminated decorations with your everyday electrical usage, the chances of a short circuit occurring or a fire breaking out are increased significantly. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t still show off your holiday spirit with some festive decorations. It just means that you need to call a professional electrical contractor to see if your current circuit breaker panel can handle the load.

If you live in an older home in the Akron area that hasn’t been upgraded, you may have less than 100 amps to work with. These days, most home wiring systems are designed to handle 200 amps in order to power air conditioners, high-def TVs, computers, and other appliances. Without a service upgrade not only do you run the risk of a power outage, but you could actually damage some of your more sensitive devices. Not to mention the fact that over 100 house fires are reported each year due to incorrect use of holiday lights.

Kinsinger Electric_Logo with NumbersBy contacting an electrical contractor like Kinsinger Electric, not only can you avoid an expensive fuse box replacement later on, but you can also increase your home’s value and ensure your family’s safety. Getting a service upgrade now will allow you to put up the decorations you want without fear of an electrical fire. And as an added bonus, opting to hire Kinsinger Electric’s team will allow you to boost your home wiring system in a timely manner AND at a reasonable price.

Before you start putting up decorations around your North Canton, Ohio or Green, Ohio home early, you may want to check out your home wiring system to see how much power your circuit breaker panel can handle. If it’s less than 200 amps, a service upgrade may be in your best interest. Just give Kinsinger Electric a call at 330.785.3473 to have this electrical contractor visit your Akron, Ohio area home and provide you with a quick estimate. One thing is for sure: getting an upgrade now will be much less expensive than a fuse box replacement later down the road!

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