Know How to Keep Sewer Lines Clear in Akron, Cleveland & Columbus, Ohio with Underground Connections

UndergroundConnections_TruckYou may not want to think about your sewer system. But if you’re a homeowner or business owner, you know it requires attention. A neglected sewer system can allow for line breaks, backups, and return flow. Surely that last one created a visual you’d rather not really see. And the sewer care and repair experts at Underground Connections understand. They enable optimal flow for residential and commercial customers from Akron, Ohio to Cleveland, Ohio; Columbus, Ohio and all points in between. And today, they’re pointing out signs of sewer problems and sharing tips on how to keep sewer lines clear. Apply their smart sewer maintenance advice and you can avoid major issues.

Underground Connections_Sewer CleaningSewer systems consist of a main line and a series of secondary lines. The number of secondary lines depends upon the number of bathrooms, kitchens, laundry facilities and other water and waste distribution points present in the property. It’s important to keep all secondary lines clear in order to avoid a clog in the main line. This begins by protecting your drains and keeping them free of unnecessary debris. Signs of an obstruction in either the main line or a secondary line can be obvious.

Signs of Sewer Problems

The most obvious of the early signs of sewer problems is slowed drainage. If water takes longer to go down a sink or tub drain, for example, you quite possibly have an obstruction in at least one secondary sewer line. Slowed drainage everywhere suggests you have a clog in the main line. Redirected backup is another telltale sign of an obstructed or clogged sewer line. This is when water flows down one drain only to resurface from another. Like down your bathroom sink and back up into your tub.

How to Keep Sewer Line Clear

First up are drain covers of either a grated or plunger/pop-up variety. Covers keep larger objects out of your sewer lines and thereby reduce the chances of an obstruction or accumulated clog. Next would be smart usage. And by that we mean ensuring that you, your family members or your employees don’t attempt to rinse or flush away things that belong in the trash. A good rule of thumb that can apply to homes in Akron, offices in Cleveland, and businesses in Columbus is if you can hold or throw it – throw it in the trash.

Underground Connections_HydrojettingSmart Sewer Maintenance

As with any system that is frequently used by various users, regular cleaning is a wise move. And Underground Connections offers a Sewer Tune-Up Service that can clear residential main lines of all debris. The tune-up uses high pressure jetting along with camera inspection that lets you see your line’s condition. It gives you visual confirmation that your main line is clear as it puts any weaknesses in plain view. Meanwhile, the company’s hydrojetting service is recommended for commercial customers as it removes scale and buildup from pipes.

To learn more about how to keep sewer lines clear, go to You can also read and view images of the sewer maintenance services that Underground Connections provides as well as the company’s trenchless repair services. Remember, this company serves homes and businesses from Akron, Ohio to Cleveland, Ohio and Columbus, Ohio. So, if you’ve seen signs of sewer problems feel free to call 330.410.4638 for expert service today!

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