Looking To Do Some Spring Yard Cleanup? Call the Professionals at Hollinger Tree Service from Canton, Ohio

It’s a known fact that the winter that Ohio experienced this past winter was harsh. Harsh winters are known to do a lot of damage, especially to the yards of homeowners. Between the freezing temperatures, numerous snow dumps, and ice accumulation, you may have noticed that one or two of your Green, Ohio or Louisville, Ohio trees aren’t looking so healthy. Given that spring is just about here, you’re probably looking to do some major spring yard cleanup. For residential landscaping services, like land clearing or tree trimming and pruning, call the expertsat Hollinger Tree Service. Based in Canton, Ohio, this tree trimming company can help you get your yard looking beautiful once again.

Spring yard cleanup is a must for Ohio homeowners. Even if the trees in your Green yard are accustomed to cold climates, it doesn’t mean that damage hasn’t occurred. Many people don’t think about their trees come wintertime. Unfortunately, the stress of cold temperatures, lack of water, and broken branches can eventually take their toll on your trees. As the snow has thawed and melted away, you’ve probably noticed numerous dead branches in your yard, as well as broken and hanging limbs in your trees. Pursuing tree trimming and pruning from the knowledgeable professionals at Hollinger Tree Service is a surefire way to clean up winter’s effect on your yard, as well as get your trees back to a healthier state. By allowing their knowledgeable associates to prune and trim your trees in early spring, you can help foster healthier looking trees by getting them prepared for spring growth. They’ll also neaten up your yard by gathering tree debris, which is quite helpful if you’ve got upcoming spring landscaping plans.

Speaking of upcoming landscaping plans, you may have spotted a tree on your Louisville property that isn’t looking too good. Perhaps you’ve got intentions to put a new barn in near that tree, and are second-guessing whether your assumptions about the tree’s health were off. This Canton-based tree trimming company is experienced in consulting with customers about sickly and diseased trees. If it’s determined that the tree should go, their knowledgeable tree removal crew can easily eliminate the tree. Rather than a sickly tree, perhaps you’ve got some pesky tree stumps lingering in your yard, right where you’d like to put in a vegetable garden. Hollinger Tree Service is able the come and clear those stumps away, as well as provide other residential landscaping services, such as land clearing. Whatever your tree or land need may be, they’ve got you covered.

Considering that the time of year is perfect to pursue spring yard cleanup, why not call in a reputable tree trimming company like Hollinger Tree Service to help you? Not only will their tree trimming and pruning greatly benefit the look and health of your trees, their residential landscaping services can aid you in many yard care endeavors, such as clearing land for a landscaping project, or removing old tree stumps that make mowing difficult. To schedule a consultation concerning your Green, Ohio or Louisville, Ohio property, or to inquire more about their full range of services, you can reach Hollinger Tree Service at 330.268.2989.

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