Patio Fire Features by Preferred Landscaping & Yard Care in Akron, Ohio Extend Outdoor Living Season

preferredlandscaping_logoThe chilly evenings that indicate the approach of fall and imminence of winter suggest outdoor living season is drawing to a close. Many who enjoy parks in Fairlawn, Ohio and strolls about Copley, Ohio or Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio may be saddened by the thought. That is, unless their next thought is of the outdoor living spaces that Preferred Landscaping & Yard Care in Akron, Ohio provides. With landscape designers skilled in combining flagstone and brick patios with fire features, the company’s team can make outdoor living a year-round activity.

Picture it: the mercury is dropping and the flames from your outdoor fireplace or fire pit are rising. As snowflakes drift from above, you and your loved ones settle in around the soothing fire. Sure, there’s salt sprinkled about your patio but no one seems to mind. Instead, everyone is admiring the fire and enjoying each other’s company as they sip hot chocolate or maybe a bit of wine.

preferredlandscaping_front doorTap into the expertise available at Preferred Landscaping & Yard Care, and this winter outdoor living fantasy could easily be your reality. And like the outdoor living spaces that the company’s experienced landscape designers customize for their customers, you winter wonderland could be completely different from what we just described.

Flagstone and brick patios can be crafted from scratch or built as an extension to what you currently have in place. This provides for an abundance of flexibility and makes room for much creativity. Perhaps you currently have but a few feet of cement beyond your backdoor in Fairlawn. Or maybe it’s a standalone, circular patio a ways away from your home in Copley or Cuyahoga Falls.

In either case as in instances of completely blank space, the team from Akron can structure flagstone and brick patios to enhance, increase, connect, or create uniquely fabulous outdoor living spaces. Factor in any of the many fire features that they design and install, and voila! You can embrace natural beauty no matter what nature is up to!

preferredlandscaping_outdoorentertainmentCurious to see some of the fire features, flagstone and brick patios that this impressive team has already created? Visit their website at and explore their online photo gallery. Don’t be surprised if you’re distracted by water features, retaining walls, and luminous landscape lighting. This landscaping company has a wealth of options including personal putting greens that can be scaled to suit your home near Fairlawn, Ohio; Copley, Ohio; or Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio. So feel free let your imagination wander and call 330.697.3627 to discuss your vision with a designer.

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