Prevent Accidents with Gutter Guards that Work & Leaf Filter™ Gutter Protection in Nashville, Tennessee

leaffilter_logoishHomes should be safe. Most people agree with some in Madison, Tennessee securing safety gates and others in Brentwood, Tennessee installing handrails to prevent accidents at home. Granted these interior efforts help, many homeowners neglect exterior safety measures. In fact, over 164,000 US residents fall from ladders and land in emergency rooms each year. Surely some folks fall while they’re cleaning gutters although the risky chore can be eliminated with gutter guards that work. Made and installed by Leaf Filter™ Gutter Protection in Nashville, Tennessee, the gutter guards we’re speaking of are guaranteed to make climbing ladders to clean gutters unnecessary forever.

Should you find the number of ladder-related emergency room visits astounding, feel free to consult the source. That would be the US Consumer Product Safety Commission which attributes the large number of falls to the following list of reasons:

Causes of Ladder Accidents

  • Incorrect ladder positioning.
  • Lack of ladder safety knowledge.
  • Using the wrong ladder for a specific job.
  • Ladders being in poor condition or defective.

Leaf Filter_Cleaning GuttersHomeowners who have been cleaning gutters while clinging to ladders they haven’t been trained to use may find other comments from the Commission interesting. For instance, it’s noted that twice as many falls occur while people are stepping down as opposed to going up ladders. And most falls happen because ladder bases slide or the whole setup topples to either side. All things considered, and it’s fair to say that leaving ladders in sheds and garages is one way to prevent accidents at home. A task that is easily achieved with gutter guards that work by eliminating the need for cleaning gutters altogether.

In Nashville, Madison, Brentwood, and other parts of central and eastern Tennessee, Leaf Filter™ Gutter Protection provides the ideal preventative product. The company’s microfilter gutter guards are custom fit to existing gutters and allow only water to enter gutter systems. With no gaps or openings for debris to slip into, there is no chance for clogs. And these guards also have a working guarantee, a lifetime, transferrable warranty, a best-in-class ranking by Consumer Reports, and a slew of rave reviews from existing customers. Combined, the product’s design and success confirm it to be gutter guards that work while reliable sources confirm them to be the guards you should get.

Leaf Filter_Gutter GuardsTo find out more, visit While you’re there, download a coupon for $300 savings and view video testimonials of satisfied homeowners. Details of the product’s seamless design that makes cleaning gutters unnecessary are also available. And with a call to 800.290.6106, so is the company’s professional installation team. They’ll visit your home near Brentwood, Tennessee or Madison, Tennessee and give you a free estimate for these gutter guards that work. Once they’re in place, they’ll simplify your efforts to maintain your property and prevent accidents at home.

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