Remove Deicing Salt Damage with Concrete Resurfacing by Champion Concrete Leveling in Stow, Ohio

Deicing can be a daily duty during winter in Northeast Ohio. Property owners from Twinsburg, Ohio to Barberton, Ohio spend time spreading rock salt on their sidewalks and driveways. But many don’t realize that salt and other deicing materials damage concrete. Or perhaps we should say they don’t realize deicing damage during winter. Because when spring arrives, the damage is evident and concrete resurfacing is necessary. Fortunately, Champion Concrete Leveling in Stow, Ohio offers the professional concrete services property owners seek – be it to repair damaged concrete or cover new ground.

You may already know that rock salt wreaks havoc on concrete. You may even have sidewalks and driveways with the scratches, cracks, tiny holes, missing chunks, and/or discoloration to prove it. But you may not know that rock salt is not concrete’s only nemesis. In fact, most deicing materials quickly prove to be problematic for concrete. And the problem is not due to friction like some of us think. It’s actually rooted in the chemical composition of deicers.

Chloride in its many forms is the true culprit. As all forms of the chemical are mildly acidic, each breaks down the bonds of concrete. The most common forms are sodium chloride, potassium chloride, and calcium chloride. And each can be found in deicing salts as well as in fertilizers. Why mention fertilizers? Because once you hire the team at Champion Concrete Leveling in Stow to repair damaged concrete, you may want to protect your fresh surfaces when you can.

After all, we can’t advise you to eliminate the use of deicing salts in Twinsburg, Barberton, and other parts of Northeast Ohio. There are times when safety depends on it. But the concrete resurfacing experts at Champion Concrete Leveling do encourage property owners to stick to shoveling when they can.  Spreading deicing salts only when necessary can extend the life and look of your concrete sidewalks and driveways. And when you want that look renewed or extended to other parts of your property, Champion Concrete Leveling offers professional concrete services you can count on.

If you’re in need of concrete resurfacing now, call 330.217.3264 to schedule a property assessment. A concrete expert will come to you in Twinsburg, Ohio; Barberton, Ohio; or a neighboring area. They’ll evaluate your sidewalks and driveways, and give you a fair estimate to repair damaged concrete. Per the comprehensive professional concrete services they offer, they can repair cracks, breaks, and other unsightly issues caused by chloride, nature, human error, and more.

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