Simplify Life for Elderly Parents with Leaf Filter™ Gutter Protection – the Best Way to Keep Gutters Clean

leaffilter_logoishMany adult children seek to make life easier for aging parents. That’s why most aim to find the best gifts for the elderly. Home maintenance products frequently make the cut. Things like robotic mopping devices and the infamous Clapper® that take the strain off Mom and Dad, especially. This desire to simplify life for older people is putting a spotlight on gutter guards from Leaf Filter™ Gutter Protection. Perhaps the best way to keep gutters clean, these guards are guaranteed to keep gutters clog-free forever. With professional installation and a lifetime, transferrable warranty, this home maintenance product might just be the best gift for aging parents!

Leaf Filter Gutter Protection_Gutter GuardsThe thought of older folks climbing ladders to pull muck from their gutters can be unsettling. And the idea of them having to pay a stranger to come over and do it for them is not ideal either. But if Mom and Dad have unprotected gutters, debris will get in and someone will have to get it out. Because if leaves, twigs, shingle grit, insect hives, rodents and the countless other things known to clog gutters are not blocked or removed, your parents will have problems.

Common Problems Caused by Clogged Gutters

Roof Leaks

Siding Damage

Water Intrusion

Foundation Erosion

Structural Damage

Basement Flooding


Mosquito Breeding

Insect Infestations

Leaf Filter_Gutter Leaves3Avoiding anything on that list would be great. Eliminating everything would be beyond better! And in order for your parents to be free of any or all of these common problems, they need tried and true gutter protection. Sure, there are lots of home maintenance products that claim to do the job. But the best way to keep gutters clean is to choose a product that’s proven to work, acclaimed by customers and consumer groups, and backed best by the best warranty in the industry. And the only product that fits that description is Leaf Filter™ Gutter Protection microfilter gutter guards.

These gutter guards are made of stainless steel and custom fit to existing gutters. They’re topped with microfilter that allows only water to pass through, and they’re guaranteed to keep gutters free of clogs forever. And since they affix to gutters and are not screwed into roofs like some other home maintenance products in the gutter protection category, Leaf Filter™ Gutter Protection gutter guards will not void your parents’ roof warranty.

Leaf Filter_Rain GuttersAll points considered, and these gutter guards can top any list of the best gifts for the elderly! They’re already topping lists of the best gutter protection products. First, by consumers who have made Leaf Filter™ Gutter Protection gutter guards the #1 selling gutter protection product with over 15 million feet installed to date. And then by Consumer Reports which declared this the #1 rated professionally installed gutter protection system in America.

With stats like that, it’s fair to say that many people believe Leaf Filter™ Gutter Protection has the best way to keep gutters clean. But only you can decide if these gutter guards are right for your parents. So log on to and download the gutter guard buying guide. It contains more detail about the design that makes these gutter guards work along with comparisons to other home maintenance products for gutters. When you’re ready to simplify life for your parents, call 800.290.6106 and request a free estimate for one of the best gifts for the elderly – no matter where they live!

Leaf Filter™ Gutter Protection

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