Tango & Gatti in Northeast Ohio: More Than Just Roofing—Exterior Restorations and Deck Rebuilds Too!

tango_logoTango & Gatti are a company of Master Elite roofers, Window installers, and Siding Specialists.  Their growing business in the Northeast Ohio areas of Akron, Ohio and Canton, Ohio also specializes in exterior restorations like deck rebuilds and even interior work such as bathroom remodels and basement refinishing.  Their expert contractors work hard to complete your home projects to your specifications and take extra time and care to create the look you want.  Their family oriented workers are aware of how important your home improvement is to you and wish to help you create the space that works best for you and your family.  Whether you need more useable square footage and are planning a newly finished basement or your bathroom needs updated for functionality, rely on Tango & Gatti—they’re more than just roofers!

tango_finished deckIn a recent project, the expert contractors created useable outdoor entertaining space by building a beautiful deck off the back of a small home.  Their project began with a clean slate:  no existing proch structure there, and a prominent slope to the ground that would be under the deck.  Beginning with the end in mind, Tango & Gatti’s experienced crew created a level ground space to serve as the foundation of the deck rebuild.  After using clean gravel to level and solid 6×6 posts to create stability, they constructed a beautifully stained weather treated deck with a roof shading the sitting area.  The finished home project added useable square footage by taking the inside of the home and extending it out to the back yard!  In addition, a wide set of stairs was built leading up to the structure, and clean railings and lattice were added to finish the overall appearance of the deck rebuild.

Tango_phase oneAnother way to add to the livable space in your home is with a basement refinishing which turns an ugly concrete space into a comfortable living room or den.  Many homeowners in Canton and Akron long to create a dry, stylish living space below ground level but avoid ever planning it because of the moisture that so often wreaks havoc in the lowest level of the home.  Tango & Gatti will plan the best method of redesign with you, and describe how they can help with the water problems.  Take the initiative to ask questions and have them come out for a free inspection to start the plans today.  Think of the breathing room an added living space will create in a small bungalow home in Northeast Ohio!  More room for the kids to play and for the parents to relax!

tango_cleanslateTango & Gatti are a company of expert contractors that care about the entirety of your home from inside to out.  Deck rebuilds, exterior restorations, basement refinishings and more create useable living space for you and your family.  They take pride and care in your home projects wherever you are in Northeast Ohio.  Homeowners in Akron, Ohio and Canton, Ohio are becoming more satisfied every day with the thorough and affordable work they receive from Tango & Gatti.

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