The Pros & Cons of Gutter Guards Prove Leaf Filter™ Gutter Protection in Detroit, Michigan Has the Best

leaffilter_logoishIf you’re ready to stop cleaning gutters, you must consider what Leaf Filter™ Gutter Protection has to offer. Its Detroit, Michigan office serves Ann Arbor, Michigan; Troy, Michigan and all points in between. And its product – the top-rated gutter guard in the nation – is guaranteed to keep gutters clear of all debris forever. If that sounds like a lofty promise, stick with us as we point out the pros and cons of gutter guards. By the end of this brief read, you’ll see why this product defines easy home maintenance. And you’ll also understand why Leaf Filter™ Gutter Protection backs it with a lifetime, transferrable warranty.

Before we arm you with the information you need to distinguish the good from the bad, let’s review some facts. First up is the fact that over 15 million feet of Leaf Filter™ Gutter Protection gutter guards have been installed on homes across the US. Surely that number is impressive on its own. But when combined with the fact that this product hit the market in 2005, 15 million really seems major. And it should! Because the slew of satisfied customers in cities like Ann Arbor, Detroit and Troy is what makes this product number one in the nation.

Leaf Filter Gutter Protection_Gutter CoversNot to be overlooked, the product’s custom fit, completely sealed design is what enables it to keep gutters clear. And when you’re shopping for gutter guards, that’s what it’s all about! Any product that leaves cracks or gaps will allow debris to enter your gutter system. Debris causes clogs which eliminate the chance for easy home maintenance in this category. These facts could end a conversation about the pros and cons of gutter guards. But the team at Leaf Filter™ Gutter Protection wants you to be fully informed. So, here are few more points for you to consider.

Pros & Cons of Gutter Guards

Pro – DIY gutter guards can be less expensive than professionally installed gutter guards.

Con – DIY gutter guards often connect in manner that leaves cracks and gaps where debris enters.

Pro – Some gutter guards are screwed or nailed into roofs, leaving only a small opening underneath.

Con – Screwing or nailing things into your roof will likely void your roof warranty.

Pro – Most gutter guards are effective at keeping leaves out of gutter systems.

Con – Twigs, dirt, shingle grit, insects, hives, rodents, and a host of other debris still get in.

Pro – Many gutter guards are made to securely fit onto certain types of gutters.

Con – Homeowners have to buy these gutters along with the gutter guards.

Leaf Filter Gutter Protection_Gutter GuardsLeaf Filter™ Gutter Protection gutter guards stand apart from the types of products that hang on to these minimal pros and deal-breaking cons. How? By being customized to fit and completely seal existing gutter systems. Professionally installed and topped with microfilter, these guards have only microscopic water passages and no cracks or gaps for debris to enter. This is why the company guarantees that its product will keep gutters clear forever. And is also why Leaf Filter™ Gutter Protection gutter guards come with a lifetime, transferrable warranty.

Now that you’ve heard from us, go to and hear from people like you. View video testimonials and let satisfied customers confirm that this product does keep gutters clear of all debris. Some will point out more pros and cons of gutter guards that they learned while shopping. And all will assure you that easy home maintenance can be yours forever with Leaf Filter™ Gutter Protection gutter guards. When you’re ready to experience the difference at your home in Ann Arbor, Michigan; Troy, Michigan; or another part of the Great Lake State, call 800.290.6106 and request a free estimate.

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