Trust Brown’s Heating & Cooling for Thorough Air Conditioner Repair and Quality AC Installation in your Tuscarawas County, Ohio Home!

browns_banneradLiving in Northeast Ohio during the spring is wonderful. You get to watch as the grass turns greener, the trees become fuller with leaves and flowers begin to bloom. But soon enough, the time will come for you to turn on that trusty old air conditioning unit in your Dover, Ohio home or Newcomerstown, Ohio business. The certified HVAC technicians at Brown’s Heating & Cooling caution folks around  Tuscarawas County, Ohio that now is the time to have your AC unit inspected. During spring in Ohio, the temperature generally stays just warm enough to be comfortable. Should you find that your old air conditioner is in need of repairing or hoping to have a new AC unit installed, you want to have it done  before the weather gets too hot and humid.

Hoping to save a few dollars and recharge your AC yourself? When it comes to your AC unit, Brown’s Heating & Cooling warns against do it yourself AC service. The refrigerants used in a standard AC unit are highly flammable and more likely than not, if you aren’t an experienced HVAC technician. For many, the easy availability of products like Frost 22a in Tuscarawas County,leave consumers thinking recharging their AC units is simple, but it’s really putting their homes and family at risk. Not only are these products primarily propane, which is highly flammable, but without proper training, you’re more likely to have a leak. Avoid putting your family at risk and contact a professional.

Luckily for those who live in Dover, Newcomerstown and the rest of Tuscarawas County Brown’s Heating & Cooling specializes in residential and commercial air conditioning serviceand repair and their team of certified HVAC technicians have tended to the cooling needs of businesses and residences throughout the Northeast Ohio region for over five years. They possess a wealth of knowledge about the inner workings of your cooling system and can assist you in everything from installing a new Armstrong AC unit to offering helpful tips on how to make your home or business more energy-efficient and lower those monthly energy costs.

Air conditioning is often considered a comfort. However, when you discover your air conditioner needs to be repaired on an extremely hot and humid summer day, the last thing you want to is suffer from the heat for weeks as you wait for a certified HVAC technician. Contacting the experts at Brown’s Heating & Cooling sooner than later, to have your AC serviced, repaired or to have a new one installed will help you avoid suffering through the heat. As the summer creeps up on us, more and more people from Necomerstown, Ohio, Dover, Ohio and the rest of Tuscarawas County, Ohio will be seeking their assistance. So beat the heat and contact them at 330.447.6687 to schedule your springtime AC maintenance check today!

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