Update Your Kitchen with a Custom Marble Countertop from Granite Artisans LLC in Cleveland!

Renovating your Bedford, Ohio home’s kitchen can be a strenuous task—especially if you’re looking for a countertop that fits you custom counter space! If you need a granite kitchen countertop to complete your renovation project but have been unsuccessful in finding the right size, contact the professionals of Granite Artisans LLC in Cleveland, Ohio. With years of experience in the industry, these custom stone fabricators can create the beautiful granite countertop you’ve always wanted for your Solon, Ohio home’s kitchen at a price that’s right for you. Do you like the look of marble instead? Although granite is more traditional, Granite Artisans LLC is happy to create custom marble countertops for kitchen islands, sink counters, and more! They can even use natural marble to create custom vanity tops and new bathroom countertops to complete your Strongsville, Ohio home’s latest renovation project.

However, it should be noted that marble countertops require a higher level of maintenance than granite countertops. If you intend to properly maintain your custom marble countertops, you can keep them looking beautiful for many years to come. For those that have little time to focus on proper cleaning and protection of their countertops, granite may be a better option for you as they only need to be sealed once a year to maintain their beauty. Did you know that granite is stain resistant, heat resistant and scratch resistant as well as easy to clean? These qualities are what draw many homeowners to investing in granite kitchen countertops for their Solon or Bedford home’s kitchen renovation. These qualities also make granite an ideal material choice when looking to have custom vanity tops and new bathroom countertops created for your Strongsville home’s bathroom space.

Do you like the look of granite but don’t really like the polished finish that often comes with it? If so, consider having Granite Artisans LLC in Cleveland create the new bathroom countertops and kitchen countertops your home needs in a leather finish. This finish is created by using a diamond-tipped brush across the stones surface until it looks and feels the way smooth leather does. With this finish, dirt, crumbs, streaks, and other imperfections are hidden more easily so that your countertops will continue to look nice even when in need of being wiped down. Darker stone choices can also hide imperfections and dirt more efficiently.

Because this finish easily disguises flaws, many homeowners invest in granite kitchen countertops and island countertops in this leather finish. Although it can hide flaws a bit better than the average honed or polished granite, it is more susceptible to potential staining from oils and acids. Regardless of the finish you choose, however, granite continues to provide home’s in the Bedford, Ohio and Strongsville, Ohio areas with a timeless beauty that can adjust to just about any design you incorporate into the room. Custom marble countertops are also a great way to improve your kitchen space and are an elegant option for those looking to invest in new bathroom countertops for their Solon, Ohio home. Do you know which of these materials you would prefer your custom vanity tops or kitchen countertops to be created in? To learn more about these great materials and how they can benefit your home, contact the professionals of Granite Artisans LLC in Cleveland, Ohio at 216.881.6601. Otherwise, feel free to e-mail any questions or concerns you may have pertaining to these products and services to paul@granitefab.net today!

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